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Located just 70 minutes from downtown Los Angeles and a short drive from LA-Ontario International Airport, the casino is owned and operated by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. More than 8.3 million guests a year enjoy thousands of the latest slots, Vegas-style blackjack, high-limit gaming, incredible entertainment, sumptuous dining and a generous player’s reward program.

Since 1986, players have received over $2 billion in cash, prizes and giveaways, making any visit to Yaamava' Resort & Casino an exciting and memorable experience.

Yaamava' Resort & Casino is ready to play whenever you are.

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General Questions

What is the gaming age at Yaamava' Resort & Casino?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino is a 21 and over establishment – which includes all events, promotions and dining outlets. The age limit to enter the casino is 21. Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed on the premises.

What are your hour of operations? 
We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

What types of ID are accepted to enter and gamble at Yaamava' Resort & Casino?
The Casino will only accept the following, valid, unexpired, forms of identification:

  • Driver's License (U.S. or foreign);
  • Government-issued photo ID (e.g., U.S. or foreign including but not limited to U.S. state issued identification card, Mexican Matricula identification card, etc.);
  • Passport (U.S. or foreign);
  • Tribal identification card (if anti-counterfeiting mechanisms are in place);
  • U.S. issued Permanent Resident identification card (also known as a green card or alien identification card; or
  • U.S. Military identification.

Please note: This ID policy differs from California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, which require the following valid, unexpired forms of identification in order to purchase and consume alcohol:

  • California Driver’s License/I.D. Card
  • Out-of-state Driver’s License/I.D. Card
  • U.S. Military I.D.’s without a physical description are acceptable as of 1/1/2010
  • Both U.S. and foreign Passports with photograph, but without a physical description are acceptable as of 1/1/2010
  • A person may not combine two unacceptable I.D.’s to make one acceptable I.D.

Read up on ABC ID policies.

Is there a dress code?

At our Tukut Lounge, the following items are prohibited from 6pm - 2am:

  • Torn clothing
  • Baggy clothing
  • Plain white t-shirts
  • Hooded sweatshirts
  • Tank tops (Female spaghetti strap-type attire permitted)
  • Gym-type/athletic attire of any type (sweats, break-aways, etc.)
  • Jerseys or jersey-style shirts
  • Hats or headwear of any kind (hats, visors, ball caps, do-rags or bandanas etc.)

The dress code is subject to change without notice at management’s discretion. Any attire not mentioned above and that Yaamava’ Resort & Casino management finds inappropriate also will not be permitted. Any guest who alters his/her appearance after entering so that he/she is no longer within the dress code guidelines will be asked to leave the premises. This dress code is enforced solely at the discretion of Yaamava’ Resort & Casino Management. There are NO exceptions.

What types of amenities and games does Yaamava' Resort & Casino offer players?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino strives to provide every guest with a comfortable, full-service entertainment and gaming experience. Guests can enjoy great dining & entertainment options, like:

What makes Yaamava' Resort & Casino different from other gaming establishments?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino is first and foremost committed to exceptional customer service and to offering its guests a comfortable, full-service entertainment and gaming experience. With friendly dealers, innovative coin-free slots, celebrity entertainment and a generous selection of dining options, Yaamava' Resort & Casino provides an energizing environment that is always a rewarding experience.

Can the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians donate to my organization? 
The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians partners with many outstanding groups to positively impact in the community in the areas of Education, Health and Economic Development. See more information on our Charitable Giving and to see if your organization is eligible.

Do you have a lost and found?
Yes. Lost and Found is open 9am-12am, daily at the Club Serrano booth on the first floor, and can be contacted at 909.864.5050 x102814. To reach Lost and Found from 12am-9am, contact the Main Guest Services booth at 909.864.5050 x102836.

To claim an item in Lost and Found, the guest will be required to come to the Casino and present valid identification. Paperwork must be signed prior to release of property. Every attempt will be made to ensure property is released to the proper owner.

Is smoking allowed? Smoking has been temporarily moved outside.

What types of employment opportunities does Yaamava' Resort & Casino offer?
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Yaamava' Resort & Casino team. The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians has grown to become one of the region’s largest employers. With careers at Yaamava' Resort & Casino, you become part of a team and part of a storied tradition, where the past of yesterday empowers the future of tomorrow. Whether your career is just taking off or firmly established, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and Yaamava' Resort & Casino offer a wide array of employment opportunities. To review our open positions and/or to apply, visit: sanmanuel.com/careers

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino allow pets?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino allows service animals on its premises to provide assistance to people with disabilities, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Under the ADA, "a service animal is a dog that has been individually trained to assist a person with a disability." 

Service Animal Policy
Yaamava' Resort & Casino recognizes the importance of service animals to individuals with disabilities and has established the following policy regarding service animals to assist people with disabilities. Service animals are working animals and are not pets. This means that an individual with a service animal must have a disability as defined by applicable law, and the accompanying animal must be trained to do specific tasks for the qualified person. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals. This policy ensures that people with disabilities, who require the use of service animals a reasonable accommodation, receive the benefit of the work or tasks performed by such animals. Set forth below are specific rules concerning service animals:

1. Service animals must be properly trained.
2. Service animals must always be on a leash, harness or other tether, unless the owner is unable because of his or her disability to use a harness, leash or other tether with the service animal.
3. Service animals must be completely housebroken.
4. Service animals must be immunized against diseases common to that type of animal and all service dogs must have a current vaccination against rabies.
5. Service animals must be clean and well groomed to avoid shedding and dander.
6. Service animals must be treated for, and kept free of, fleas and ticks.
7. Service animals must not solicit attention, visit, or annoy any other patrons of the Casino.
8. Service animals must not be aggressive toward people or other service animals.
9. Service animals must not solicit or steal food or other items from other patrons of the Casino.
10. Service animals must not vocalize unnecessarily (i.e. bark, growl, or whine.)
11. Service animals must not block an aisle or passageway.
12. The owner must not dispose of any animal waste inside of the Casino. Animal waste may not be disposed of in any trash cans or other containers inside the Casino.

Please note: No other pets are allowed on the Casino premises. Any violation of the above rules may result in immediate removal of the animal from the Casino.  Click here for more information on ADA service animals.

Do you have wheelchairs available for your guests?  (Temporarily unavailable as part of our Health and Safety protocols)
Yes. Yaamava' Resort & Casino offers complimentary wheelchairs (standard and wide width) at the main Guest Services booth on the first floor by the waterfall. They are based on availability and on a first-come, first-served basis, no reservations accepted. Guests are asked to provide valid identification when checking out a wheelchair. Please be aware these may be in short supply during high volume times such as weekends or holidays.

If you do require mobility assistance please contact: 909.864.5050 X2837

Are there ATMs available at Yaamava' Resort & Casino?
Yes, we have over 60 ATMs and CDUs (Cash Dispensing Units) conveniently located throughout the Casino.

Can I cash a personal check at the Casino?
Customers can cash personal checks, but will be charged additional fees. Check Cashing Fees are as follow:
4% for Classic Club Serrano Members
2% for Emerald Club Serrano Members
1% for Amber Club Serrano Members
The fees are waived for Diamond and Turquoise Club Serrano Members.

More information on rewards.

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino offer currency exchange?
No, at this time, we do not offer currency exchange. US currency is accepted only. 

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino offer gold exchange?
Apologies, we are not licensed to exchange gold. We only accept currency in the form of cash, coin or Yaamava' Resort & Casino chips.

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino have WIFI?
Yes, we offer FREE WIFI to each of our guests while visiting the Casino.

What is your baggage policy? 

All guests are subject to the following guest bag procedures:

All bags will be subject to search upon entrance to the property.

  • No wheeled luggage will be allowed.
  • No bags larger than 9"x14"22" (or 2,772 cubic inches) will be allowed into the casino.
  • Exceptions will be made for medically necessary equipment, however, equipment is still subject to search.

Gaming Questions

What kind of gaming options does Yaamava' Resort & Casino offer?
Please see our health and safety hub for current slot and table game offerings. 
Yaamava' Resort & Casino boasts over 6,500 of the hottest slot machines and 120+ table games located throughout the Casino with Vegas-style blackjack, Pai Gow, or other exciting games, ranging from $5-$2,000 in our VIP rooms.  Additionally, we offer over 200 video poker machines. For more information on all of our Casino games.

What are the different types of card games offered at Yaamava' Resort & Casino?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino card players enjoy thrilling, Las Vegas-style Blackjack and various table games 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Other table games include Three and Four-Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Mini-Baccarat, Mississippi Stud and California Craps (currently unavailable).

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino hold special tournaments or promotions? If so, what kind?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino offers special daily promotions with many great prizes to win. For Club Serrano members, there is always plenty of exciting action with special cash drawings and giveaways like the always popular Car Giveaway promotions.

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino have a collection for their table and blackjack card games?

How can I redeem my Free Play?

  1. Insert your Club Serrano card into the machine
  2. Press the Green Dollar icon
  3. Press the Black Arrow
  4. Enter your 4-Digit Pin Code, then press the Green Check Mark
  5. Enter a Whole Dollar Amount you wish to play

Why doesn't Yaamava' Resort & Casino have dice games similar to Las Vegas casinos?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino adheres to the gaming regulations set forth in their Tribal-State-Gaming compact. In accordance with this agreement, we substitute dice with cards in an attempt to bring your favorite games to California.

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino offer sports betting. 
No. Yaamava' Resort & Casino does not offer that kind of gaming. 

Is there a high limit room?
Yes, our casino features five high limit gaming areas with more than 40 high limit tables and 490 high limit slots - the largest and most in the world! Guests can enjoy an elegant and spacious High Limit room, designed and staffed with the high-limit player in mind. Enjoy the comforts of a private lounge with food and beverage service. Or, enter into The Vault - Gaming and Provisions, an ultra-exclusive VIP gaming space which is removed from the main gaming area and provides an intimate space where VIP guests can enjoy first-class amenities such as their own individual locker, private bathrooms and dedicated, personalized service as well as $25,000 table limits for one hand ($15,000 for two hands; $10,000 for three hands) in the exclusive gaming salons. As an added benefit, high-limit players receive personal attention from our Executive Hosts. 

Do you extend Casino credit to your guests?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino is dedicated to the utmost in customer service. That is why we are now pleased to offer our VIP guests casino credit. For more information and how to apply for credit.

I need my win/loss statement. Where can I put a request in for that?
Request your win/loss statement. Your request will be processed within 2-3 business days. You can also visit the Club Serrano booth at the Casino.

Where can I update my contact information?
At the Casino, you can visit the Guest Services booth.

What services are available for gambling addiction at Yaamava' Resort & Casino?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino is a socially responsible business. In our commitment to putting our guests first, we have been recognized as a “Certified Responsible Gambling Establishment.” As such, all casino team members and management have received extensive training in order to gain an understanding of problem gambling, identify symptomatic behaviors and offer helpline referrals when appropriate. The casino has taken an aggressive approach to responsible gambling, posting signage and placing brochures in highly visible locations throughout the property and directing patrons to the 24-hour confidential Problem Gambling Helpline: 1.800.GAMBLER.

How can I get reinstated after a self-ban?
After one year, a guest can submit a self-exclusion reinstatement request in writing to:

Yaamava' Resort & Casino Compliance Department
P.O. Box 366
Patton, CA 92369-0366

Or FAX to: 909.425.5485
Attention: Casino Compliance

Visit our Responsible Gaming page for more information.

The request must include the following information:
1) Guest’s First & Last Name
2) Date of Birth
3) Mailing Address (for response letter)
4) Contact Phone Number
5) Brief statement requesting to be reinstated to the casino and why
6) Patron’s Signature (required)

Once the reinstatement request is received, processing time is approximately 3-4 weeks; however, unexpected delays may occur. Upon final approval or denial of the reinstatement request, a response letter will be prepared and sent to the patron via mail notifying them of the results.

If you have any questions, please call the Compliance office at 909.863.2230 ext. 3463 for assistance.

What if I have a dispute over my gambling outcome?
If you have a dispute over the play or operation of any Class II or Class III game at Yaamava' Resort & Casino, you have three days to notify the casino and 15 days to submit a completed Gaming Activity Dispute Form. Upon receipt of the Gaming Activity Dispute Form, the San Manuel Tribal Gaming Commission (SMTGC), an independent Tribal governmental agency, will investigate the dispute and provide a written decision within 60 days. If you disagree with the decision of SMTGC, you have 20-days to file appeal. All information and forms can be found here: sanmanuel.com/dispute.

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino offer a rewards program for players?
Club Serrano is Yaamava' Resort & Casino’s FREE membership club and offers many benefits. As part of this player’s rewards program, players accumulate points based on the amount played and the amount of time played.  These points may be redeemed for various, gifts, merchandise or added slot play, and is your entrance to exciting promotions and special tournaments and other member exclusives. Joining Club Serrano is absolutely free and allows players to take part in great promotions and contests. Players can sign up for their Club Serrano membership by visiting any Guest Services desk.

How do I find out more about Yaamava' Resort & Casino?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino makes it easy for guests to get more information on promotions, specials, entertainment and other types of information. Guests can sign up for our e-newsletter, download our app, or connect with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) or contact customer service at 800.359.2464.

Parking, Directions & Rideshare Information

Parking is FREE and always easy and convenient at Yaamava' Resort & Casino. Guests can choose to self-park in either of our six-level parking structures or, for a small fee, opt to use the valet parking service which offers the convenience of curbside drop-off and pick-up. Please Note: Vehicles must be smaller than 8'2" to utilize the parking structure. 

Is there a charge for parking? 
Yaamava' Resort & Casino offers complimentary parking to each of our guests with over 5,600 spaces available and an additional 750 at our overflow lots.

Do you offer Valet Parking? 
Valet has reopened for Diamond & Turquoise members at this time. We hope to offer this amenity to all of our guests soon.

Do you offer Accessible Parking?
Yes, there are over 160 accessible parking spots available on a first-come, first-served basis. Vehicles parked in accessible parking spots must follow all regulations as specified within the California Vehicle Code. Vehicles parking in an accessible parking spot must display a valid ADA Placard.

How do people gain access to the casino from the parking structure?
As a convenience to guests, a 425-foot pedestrian bridge connects the parking structure with the casino on the fourth floor of the North parking structure. The bridge contains moving walkways that transport guests easily and safely from the parking structure directly to the inside of the casino. In the South parking structure, our courtesy shuttle service operates 24/7.

Is there security in and around the parking structure?
Yes. Yaamava' Resort & Casino provides the highest level of security measures and continues to maintain this level of security to ensure an enjoyable and safe entertainment experience for our guests.

Do you have charging stations?
To keep All the Thrills going, Yaamava' Resort & Casino offers charging stations for customers with electric vehicles. Charge your vehicle 24/7 before you enter the casino to win cash on the fourth level of the parking structure. We currently have 43 charging stations available free of charge, with three charging stations (six vehicle capacity) on the fourth level of the old parking structure and on the first and second levels in our new parking structure. We also have five chargers in valet (seven vehicle capacity) - two of which are single Tesla chargers, as you can find us on the map of official Tesla charging stations.

Where is Yaamava' Resort & Casino's rideshare pick up and drop off?
All casino drop offs and pick ups - including Taxis, Ubers, Lyfts and other ride services, should utilize our ride share area on the fourth-level of the North parking structure to pick up and drop off guests. Please note that this is a drop-off and pick-up zone only. No parking or waiting of any kind is allowed.

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino allow RV/Oversized parking?  (temporarily unavailable)
Yes. We have limited RV/Oversized vehicles parking available on a first come, first served basis – at no charge. However, there are no electrical or sewage hookups, overnight parking, trucks with trailers, and sleeping in your vehicle is not permitted as space is very limited. The oversized parking area is located at the Top Lot and all oversized vehicles must park in this area as parking oversized vehicles in our other parking areas is not permitted.

Do you offer bicycle parking? 
For those arriving to the casino by bicycle, we do offer limited bike parking at a bike rack located under the bridge from the parking garage to the casino. It is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where is Yaamava' Resort & Casino located?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino is located at:
777 San Manuel Boulevard
Highland, CA 92346

When searching within your navigation app, type in "Yaamava' Resort & Casino" OR "San Manuel Casino."

Waze Navigation
Click here to utilize Waze Navigation.

Google Maps Directions
Click here to utilize Google Maps.

Apple Maps Directions
Click here to utilize Apple Maps.

Does Yaamava' Resort & Casino provide transportation to the casino? If so, how does the process work?
For the convenience of guests who are looking to arrange a group outing, the Transportation Department at Yaamava' Resort & Casino is always available to assist. Guests can enjoy a relaxing and convenient way to travel to Yaamava' Resort & Casino through organized bus tours. See available Bus Pickup Locations.

How do I become a Bus Coordinator?  (temporarily unavailable)
If you are interested in becoming a Bus Coordinator, call 800.331.9536.

Dining Questions

Can children dine in any of the restaurants at Yaamava' Resort & Casino?
Yaamava' Resort & Casino is a 21 and over establishment – which includes all events, promotions and dining outlets. Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed on the premises.

What are the dining options available at Yaamava' Resort & Casino?
Whether it's time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Yaamava' Resort & Casino offers an outstanding selection of dining choices. The Casino is home to one of the IE's top fine-dining establishments, The Pines Modern Steakhouse. Visit the very first George Lopez's Chingon Kitchen with authentic Mexican cuisine. Our all-you-can-eat Serrano Buffet (temporarily unavailable) has an outstanding selection of International cuisine and TuTu's Food Court offers fast-food options around the clock. Immerse yourself in the ultimate Rock 'N' Roll dining experience at Rock & Brews with interactive, state-of-the-art digital displays showcasing never before seen videos and live bands on stage in a space that truly rocks.

When is alcohol served?
A full bar is available 5pm - 1:15am Monday through Friday and 8am - 1:15am Saturday, Sundays and select holidays. Enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail at any of our bars located at Yaamava' Resort & Casino, where you can enjoy a fine selection of beers on tap & bottles, a full bar staffed with talented bartenders and much more. Visit our bars - Aces, Deuces, Overlook BarTropical Storm BarFinish Line, Bar Bar Bar and Round Up Bar. Guests can enjoy cocktail service at The Pines Modern Steakhouse, Tukut LoungeHigh Limit Bar, the bar at Rock & Brews, The Vault, or any of our restaurants/roaming cocktail servers.

Yaamava' Resort & Casino reminds all of our guests to drink responsibly.

Are there any food and beverage promotions available?
Visit the dining section, sign up for our e-newsletter, download our APP, or follow us on Social Media to be alerted to any of our promotions.

Can I bring outside food or beverages to the Casino?
Outside food or beverages are not permitted inside Yaamava' Resort & Casino except for sealed water bottles. Yaamava' Resort & Casino offers an outstanding selection of award-winning dining choices and restaurants open 24/7 for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Hotel Questions

Where can guests stay while your hotel/resort is being built?
Located just blocks from Yaamava' Resort & Casino, Bear Springs Hotel – the Inland Empire’s newest full-service hotel - offers a boutique experience! You can find this gem nestled in the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains and gateway to Big Bear.

This recently renovated property offers 105 guest rooms, including 30 spacious studios, plus amenities such as a restaurant, bar & lounge, outdoor terrace with a heated, outdoor pool, hot tub, and a cozy fire pit.

Guests can also enjoy 24/7 in-room dining, free Wi-Fi and parking. Info on Bear Springs Hotel can be found here: BearSpringsHotel.com

Yaamava' Resort & Casino provides complimentary 24/7 shuttle service to and from the Casino for Club Serrano members.

Entertainment Questions

Please see entertainment schedule.

Want to perform on one of our stages? Please fill out our Entertainment Request form.

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